Stainless Steel Strapping Tools

Stainless steel strapping can be used in all sorts of environments without a reduction in strength and integrity due to rust. Stainless steel strapping is the perfect choice for those strapping applications in which the object or objects being secured will be exposed to the elements. A perfect example of this is sign and signal hanging.

Independent Metal Strap Co, Inc.’s stainless steel strapping is the perfect tool for your sign and signal mounting needs! Our stainless steel strapping is high quality yet inexpensive.

Tightening and cutting our stainless steel strapping is easy with our special hand strapping tools. You have a choice of a ratchet type or a spinner type stainless steel strapping Tool. Both are lightweight – only 3 lbs. – which helps prevent operator fatigue. They can be used in any position and can handle sizes 3/8″ x .015 to 3/4″ x .030.

Please call us about our stainless steel strapping tools to discuss pricing for our new “ROYAL” HANDI-KIT.

“Royal” Strapping Tools

Catalog No.Item

C001Strapper, Screw Type

P1Strapper, Ratchet Type

Special Flat Blade Strap Cutter

1 LB
S1TScissor Tool