Independent Metal Strap Co., Inc. is a U.S. based supplier and manufacturer producing quality steel strapping and steel strapping supplies. What sets us apart from the other steel strapping suppliers? In brief – quality, efficiency, cost, and availability.

All of the steel strapping and steel strapping supplies we offer are manufactured by us and are made in the U.S.A. every step of the way. What this means is we can supervise every step of the manufacturing process to ensure that everything we make either meets or exceeds our strict quality controls. By never losing sight of the product as it moves through the production line we are able to guarantee a higher standard of quality at a lower cost than our competitors.

All the steel we use in the manufacturing of our steel strapping and steel strapping supplies is purchased from U.S. mills ONLY. This is in full accordance with our “Made In The U.S.A. Every Step Of The Way” mission to keep our products domestic. By keeping all aspects of our operation in house we improve efficiency.

Another key aspect of our company is product availability. Since we are the manufacturer as well as the supplier of our products we can avoid those out-of-stock issues that can be frustrating to the consumer. With us there is no need to wait for “another shipment from the manufacturer”. We are the manufacturer!

Independent Metal Strap Co., Inc. – offering the best in Steel Strapping and Steel Strapping Supplies.