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Made in U.S.A - every step of the way

Stainless Steel Strapping

When you’re looking to mount signs and signals, our Stainless Steel Banding does the job better, faster, and at a lower cost. We manufacture Stainless Steel Banding in sizes varying from 3/8″ x .015 to 3/4″ x 0.30 as well as our.Read More



All of our steel strapping seals are uniform. We purchase prime steel from U.S. mills to our rigid specifications. We have a complete operation in that we galvanize the steel, we manufacture the seal, and we pack and ship each and every strapping seal. Read More



Independent Metal Strap manufactures and distributes a wide variety of government grade steel strapping and government grade strapping seals. Our government steel strapping is in accordance with ASTM spec D3953 (latest). Read More

Leading Steel Strapping Manufacturer – Independent Metal Strap

Steel Strapping

We are a steel strapping manufacturer and distributor offering a wide variety of domestic strapping, seals, tools and related products. We manufacture and distribute Steel Strapping, Galvanized Steel Strapping, Strapping Seals as well as Stainless Steel Banding & Accessories.

Our steel strapping can be used in a variety of applications. Whatever industry you belong to, you can come to us for all your Strapping needs.

How we differ from other steel strapping manufacturers

Everything we manufacture is made in the U.S.A. every step of the way using ONLY DOMESTIC STEEL. We purchase prime steel from U.S. Mills ONLY and make sure it meets our rigid specifications.

All the steps of production (including galvanization) are performed by us. We inspect our product manufacture cycle for quality every step of the way to ensure you get the best quality product for your money. As one of the few military suppliers and government approved vendors in the industry, we also make sure that our processes, functions, and operations are in compliance with government-mandated regulations.

Independent Metal Strap is Your Number One Source for Steel Strapping Products

All of the steel strapping products at Independent Metal Strap conform to ASTM specification #D3953-12. As one of the best stainless steel strapping suppliers, we ensure our products are consistent when it comes to finish, gauge and width. All break strengths we have listed are considered average and every one of them at least meets industry standards. Many of them exceed those predetermined standards. As a steel strapping distributor, Independent Metal Strap stocks high-tensile and regular-duty products. We have the typical stock sizes but are also able to supply some specialty steel strapping products on request.

Regular Duty Steel Strapping Products

All of the regular duty steel strapping at Independent Metal Strap is manufactured specifically from steel that has been cold-rolled. As a regular duty steel strapping distributor, we provide regular duty steel strap materials that can be used in a variety of tools. How do you need to use it? Do you need it for use in pneumatic tools? It is doable, but it’s also possible to use it in manual tools. Finally, our regular duty steel products can also be used in steel strapping heads and automatic steel strapping heads.

High Tensile Steel Strapping

As a high tensile steel strapping manufacturer, our high tensile products are manufactured from steel that has been cold-rolled. It is then treated with heat to maximize its ductility and break strength. You can count on our high tensile products to provide two things that are needed for the toughest applications. One is extra break strength, while the other beneficial element is shock resistance.

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